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Mike Peterson
Auctioneer / Real Estate Broker


     Mike Peterson is an Auctioneer and marketing professional who specializes in creating and implementing innovative strategies to market assets and achieve maximum returns. After graduating from Missouri Auction School in 1988 Peterson Auction was started and Mike has spent the last 30 years honing the craft of selling everything from Real Estate, Antiques, Tools and Equipment at public auction. This experience and continuing education through Real Estate and Auctioneer associations keep Mike and Peterson Auction on the cutting edge of the auction industry and in today's fast paced world he believes it is imperative to move forward and incorporate web marketing and online auctions while drawing on past experience and successes.


Licensed as Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer


Member of NY & National Auctioneers Associations


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Dakota Peterson
Auctioneer / Fire Arms Specialist


     Dakota Peterson is an Auctioneer and firearms professional. Dakota manages our online auctions and the extensive web-based promotion department at Peterson Auction. He is a Certified Gunsmith and firearms Appraiser. A 2012 Graduate of Frewsburg High and 2015 Graduate of The Pennsylvania Gunsmith School, Dakota is currently continuing his education to obtain a NYS Real Estate Salesperson license.

     Growing up in the auction business, Dakota is passionate and brings his enthusiasm to our team here at Peterson Auction. His vast knowledge of Firearms and their workings makes Dakota the Go-to guy in repair & determining value.


Auctioneer, Graduate of MP Auctions

Professional Certified Gunsmith

Member of NY & National Auctioneers Associations

Online Sales Manager 

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Tim Trask
Project Manger / Sales


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     Tim Trask is a project manager specializing in sales and Inventory management. Tim has many years experience with online sales, warehouse inventory management and project management and brings this knowledge to our team. At Peterson Auction Tim is the go to guy for municipal sales, customer service on active projects  and online sales shipping. His experience and attention to details keeps Peterson Auction on the cutting edge of the auction industry. Tim's abundant energy and progressive thinking are a big asset in today's fast paced auction world. 

Project Manager

Peterson Auction & Realty LLC conducts Live, Web Cast and Online Auctions in western NY and PA.


We are selling Real Estate, Farm Equipment, Industrial Machinery, Tractors, Dozers, Cars, Trucks, ATV's, UTV's, Guns, Gold, Silver, Antiques, Furniture and more. 


Our auctions attract a large number of local buyers and with the incorporation of web based marketing we sell to clients worldwide.

Choose Peterson Auction & Realty LLC To Guarantee Your Complete Satisfaction.

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