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In today’s fast paced world, the buying public in the United States uses technology in the form of mobile phones, pads and laptops to research and make purchases at auction ranging from Houses to tea cups and everything in between. Mike Peterson Auction & Realty Service is now offering a modern upgraded version of the Estate / Household Sale called the online auction using technology to maximize promotion, increase customers and reduce impact on the seller and neighborhood. The Items to be put in the online auction are arranged, cataloged, photographed and displayed in the household and outbuildings. Photos and descriptions are uploaded to our auction web site for the public to view and investigate at their leisure from their home, business or favorite coffee shop, auction items can be viewed 24/7 for 3 to 5 days without ever having to visit the auction site. The auction is opened Online for bidding (Ebay style) and auction bidding lasts for 2 or 3 days, after the bidding closes funds are collected electronically from buyers. The buyers are invited by appointment to the auction site (home) to pick up their purchases under the supervision of Peterson Auction staff. On day 2 after auction closing we consult with the seller and any unsold or items which have not picked up are collected and removed from the property and donated to Good Will or taken to the landfill. The property is cleaned of debris, floors swept, and keys turned back over to seller. The seller receives a detailed computer-generated accounting of all items sold at the online auction. Upon approval of auction records seller receives full settlement immediately and the process is complete.





  • Most important your items are exposed to a global market not just the locals who have to physically visit your property to buy items. We will pack and ship anywhere and have shipped to over 32 states and 4 countries (think about what this means to you as a seller)

  • Items are sold in a competitive, transparent atmosphere

  • Everyone will have the opportunity to place their maximum bid on items for auction assuring seller gets top $$

  • Opening bid amounts can be set eliminating risk of selling valuable items to cheap

  • The amount of vehicle traffic and people physically visiting your property is reduced by 80%

  • The amount of online traffic and potential buyers is increased by 100% +

  • No need to notify neighbors or local municipalities of an upcoming event

  • The amount of theft is eliminated because no one is handling your items until they are sold

  • Seller can preview and discuss lots with us prior to auction opening

  • Real Time auction numbers are available to the seller as the online auction progresses

  • Detailed and complete records of items sold immediately upon close of auction

  • Reduced cost to seller, labor required to conduct on site sale for 3 days is eliminated


Why Choose Mike Peterson Action & Realty Service?

  • 30 Years of Professional Experience Selling Estate Items

  • Licensed in New York and Pennsylvania

  • Aggressive and Modern Marketing Strategies

  • Clearly defined contracts and terms, Seller's know where they stand

  • Fully insured including workers compensation on all employees

  • Your items are handled respectfully by our professional staff

  • Reviews available on facebook or Google

  • We conduct 50+ sales / auctions a year

  • We know selling, It's our Business to get you top $$


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