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Online Auction Information Page

Peterson Auction & HiBid

Peterson Auction & Realty LLC has joined with Auction Flex / HiBid to use their web based platform, to host our online auctions. The information below in for reference purposes, please review and if you have additional questions please feel free to contact us.


Online Only Auctions

NOTE:  It is best to register for the auction you are interested in 24 hours prior to the bidding close. Auctions begin closing at a specified time and will not be held up waiting for people to register.  


  • Auction Close - Lots start to close at a predetermined time. Lots close in order, 20 to 30 seconds apart until all lots for that sale have closed.

  • Soft Close - If a bid is placed on a lot within 2 minutes of its closing, bidding on that lot will be extended by 2 minutes. All  other lots in the auction will continue to close in order.

  • Max Bid - A max bid can be placed and the computer will bid for you at the predetermined increments until you win or are outbid.  The first max bid entered will be the winning bid in the event 2 max bids of the same amount are entered by different bidders.

  • No invoices will be sent until all lots have closed in the auction.

  • If you wish to have your items shipped, please make arrangements with Peterson Auction prior to the auction close to insure the lots can be shipped. 


Web Cast Auctions

NOTE:  It is best to register for the auction you are interested in 24 hours prior to the bidding close. Live auctions and Webcasts begin at a specified time and will not be held up waiting for people to register.  

Live Webcast Bidding

If you are new to live online bidding these Do’s & Don’ts will help you make the most of utilizing online bidding during a live auction.

Quick Tips:
*Register early.
*Review the online catalog early.  Call and ask questions!! If you can’t attend the Preview we may be able to help.
*Attend the Preview! While we attempt to post enough information for online bidders to bid, nothing beats seeing it.
*Know the Terms of Sale. Make payment arraignments within a day.

Q: How do live online/simulcast sometimes referred to as “Webcast” auctions work?
A: Live online auctions work just as if you were there at the auction site bidding in person. The auctioneer calls each lot’s bid. The current bid amount is transmitted to your device. You can also hear the auctioneer on a live audio feed. You bid online against the audience and others who are online. Your online bid is transmitted to the auctioneer’s earpiece. The auctioneer calls your bid to the floor and the online administrator transmits your bid to others online, all in real-time.

Q: Can I leave bids online for the remote administrator to work in for me so I do not have to watch each lot?
A: Yes you can leave bids online before the auction begins. These are similar to “proxy bids” or “left bids”. The remote administrator will call your bid to the auctioneer.

Q: How do I register to bid?
A: To register to bid simply follow the link on the specific auction page to Registration. If this is your first time bidding online enter the information required by HIBID to register. REMEMBER YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD! You will then be able to sign up for our auction (and any other auction on HIBID) by entering additional information at our auction page. We will review your request and either approve you or contact you for additional information that may be required to approve your registration. If you have previously registered with HIBID simply sign up to bid at our auction. If you have a problem completing the registration process please contact us for assistance.

Q: What about Preview?
A: Preview is highly recommended. You can inspect the equipment on the designated days specified for inspection or by contacting us and requesting an earlier appointment. Be aware: images associated with lots online are for guidance only. All lots are sold as seen, as they lie, at the auction site and not by digital image.

Q: How do I enter the online portion of the auction?
A: Go to our Online Auctions Button and click register on the auction you wish to register for. Enter your user name and password and enter the auction.

Q: How is my bid made?
A: You bid by typing your bid into the field for the specific lot. The remote administrator will call your bid to the auctioneer.

Q: Can I wait until the very end of the bid calling to make my last bid?
A: You can, but this is not Ebay and you might lose the lot. When the auctioneer calls “Sold” the bidding ends and the auctioneer recognizes the winning bidder. Depending on the speed of the auctioneer at the time you may not get your bid in on time. Stay on top of it. Snooze…….you lose.

Q: How do I know when a certain lot will come up for bid?
A: At our live auctions we sell at a rate of approximately 60 lots per hour. You can set alerts for your lots that you are interested in bidding. Be sure to check intermittently for the progress of the auction.

Q: Can I bid from my mobile device?
A: Yes. This technology works across all digital platforms. PLEASE DO NOT BID AND DRIVE.

Q: What happens when I win a bid?
A: You will be emailed an invoice with pickup location and times. Review the invoice for accuracy. Make arrangements to collect your winning lots.

Q: Are Sales Taxes charged if I win a bid online?
A: Yes unless you have a current, valid Resale/Tax Exempt Certificate issued by your state or local government. Be sure to provide resale/tax-exempt proof. Email a copy to the office via

Q: How do I remove equipment and lots I have won?
A: Once payment has been received, the Purchaser is required to remove the equipment at their own expense within the time allotted in the Terms of Sale.  

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